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“We had a lot that had always been suspect as to the potential for getting a septic system permit. FSC found a solution that was brilliant—and doubled the value of the lot. I would do it again 10 times over. Throughout the entire process, FSC was very professional, very thorough, and very positive. I highly recommend them to any builder, developer or individual who is having trouble getting a septic permit.”

- Chick Fuller, President, Fuller, & Fuller, Inc. General
Contracting & Design, Linville, NC


“Connie is the best and most professional soil scientist I know anywhere.”

- Carroll Garland, Willow Properties, LLC, Vilas, NC


“We had a group of lots with revoked permits and very limited space for septic systems. Foothills Soil Consulting figured out how to maximize the number of septic permits for minimal cost. They asked what mattered most to us, and took likely returns on investment into account when deciding the best solution.”

- Garrett Shore, Highlands Union Bank, Boone, NC


“I have worked with Foothills Soil Consulting over the past 3 years on a 284 acre 95 lot subdivision named Elk Creek Mountain. Connie and her team have made our communication with the health department much more streamlined and efficient for both our company and the Health Department. The Foothills Soil Consulting team has made my life easier and knowing that they are taking care of things for us allows me to focus on other aspects of the Elk Creek Mountain Community.”

- Will Sears, VP of Development, Foscoe Companies, Foscoe NC


"I started working with Foothills Soil Consulting in 2003 and have referred them to many clients ever since. FSC provides accurate information about the soils on a site that helps my clients avoid costly mistakes. The folks at FSC are a pleasure to work with, and using soil information from FSC on a development project helps the projects I work on go more smoothly.”

- Mike Wilson, TOYHSMA! Construction Consulting Services, Boone, NC

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