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General Information

National Soil Survey Center -- Information sheets about soils
National Soil Survey Center -- Photo gallery of different soil profiles
National Soil Survey Center -- Gallery of state soils. Click on a state to see pictures and a description.

University Soil Departments

Soil Science Department at NC State
Soil Science Department at Clemson University

Professional Societies, Government and Research

Soil Science Society of America Journal
Soil Science Society of America
Soil Science Society of North Carolina
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service -- Soils page

Soil Survey Data for Specific Sites — Find out about the soils on your property!

National Soil Survey Center -- Web soil survey
National Soil Survey Center -- Soil data mart

Soil Links for Teachers

Webpages with a variety of resources:

Kid's World - Plant Nutrition
National Soil Survey Center -- Education links and resources* -- Educational webpage from the UK
Soil Science Society of America -- K-12 educational resources*
Discovery Education -- "The Dirt on Soil"
Soil Science Society of America -- Soil lessons and activities
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center -- Soils resource for students and teachers
Learn NC -- Lesson plans and soil-related links from the UNC School of Education
The Microbe Zoo -- Dirtland
Dr. Dirt’s educational webpage*

*Recommended link.

Individual Lesson Plans

Grade two lesson plan from CA -- Exploring soil
Introduction to soil
Grade 6-8 lesson plan from AAAS -- Soil Erosion


A Selective Bibliography for Grades K-8 from the Teaching Resources Center at UNCG

Soil in the News


Information for Homeowners and Potential Home Buyers

SoilFacts: Septic System Owners Guide (2004)
SoilFacts: Why do Septic Systems Fail? (2005)
SoilFacts: Investigate Before You Invest (1997)
Links to information on septic systems from the NC DENR Onsite Water Protection Section

Septic System Components and Function

How septic systems work, from
SoilFacts: Septic Systems and Their Maintenance (2004)
Septic system components and maintenance from the National Environmental Services Center
Additional links and information on septic systems from the National Environmental Services Center
Septic System Technology Fact Sheets from EPA

Locating a Certified Septic System Installer or Inspector in NC

Links to lists of NC certified septic system installers and inspectors by county or last name

NC DENR Onsite Water Protection (Regulates Septic Systems in NC)

Onsite Water Protection Section -- Home page

NC DENR Division of Water Quality (Regulates Land Application and Beneficial Reuse of Wastewater in NC)

Division of Water Quality Land Application Unit -- Home page



Fact Sheets for Gardeners, Farmers and Homeowners

SoilFacts: Careful Soil Sampling—The Key to Reliable Soil Test Information
SoilFacts: Modifying Soil for Plant Growth around Your Home (2009)
Home.A.Syst: Improving Lawn Care and Gardening in Coastal North Carolina (2004)
SoilFacts: Soil Acidity and Liming: Basic Information for Farmers and Gardeners (2003)
Home.A.Syst: Caring for Your Lawn and the Environment (2003)
SoilFacts: Nitrogen Management and Water Quality (1997)
SoilFacts: Good Soil Management Helps Protect Groundwater (1997)
SoilFacts: Managing Lawns and Gardens to Protect Water Quality (1997)
List of all NC State Soil Facts Publications

Organizations Concerned with Soil Conservation

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Soil and Water Conservation Society


Commercial Links

Surveyors and Engineers

Alan B. Styles Land Surveying
Dacchille Construction

Other Land Professionals

Vincent Properties - serving the real estate markets of Blowing Rock, Banner Elk and Boone NC
John Speckmann Real Estate