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(large systems and other state level permits)

Septic system permits: Foothills Soil Consulting offers assistance with obtaining septic system permits for industries, institutions such as camps or churches, and other non-domestic wastewater. We gather soil information to assist in locating a suitable soil area for the drainfield and conduct the soil work and hydraulic analyses required for obtaining a permit for large (greater than 1500-3000 gallons per day) and industrial septic systems.

Preliminary soil investigations: If you are considering using a tract of land for an industry or institution such as a funeral home, car wash, church, school or nursing home, you probably want to be sure that it is suitable for the proposed use before time and money are spent on designing the site. Foothills Soil Consulting can look at the tract before you purchase or before extensive design work begins, to assess its suitability for your intended use, and to make sure that you will be able to obtain the necessary septic permits. Our investigation focuses on the characteristics of the soils on the siteā€”if other professionals are needed to assess different aspects of the site, Foothills Soil Consulting can help locate the appropriate assistance for evaluating the site.

Soil mapping: On many sites the potential for septic systems or other forms of onsite wastewater is the main constraint on site design. Foothills Soil Consulting can create a soil map that can guide planning to allow you to maximize use of the site and avoid costly mistakes. These maps can be used to make informed decisions about septic systems and road and infrastructure placement before extensive design work begins. A soil map allows you to avoid costly redesigns and to make the best use of the site. They can also be used to guide more aesthetic, environmentally friendly use of the site.

Water reuse and surface application of wastewater:
Documentation of soils and a nutrient management plan is required to obtain a permit for water reuse or surface application of wastewater from the Division of Water Quality. Foothills Soil Consulting can assist with this part of the permit process, and with locating sites for wastewater application.


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