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(small systems, domestic wastewater)

Septic system permits: Foothills Soil Consulting offers assistance in obtaining septic system permits for individual homes and lots. We offer assistance with the permit application process, gather soil information to speed the permit process, and when necessary prepare complete septic system proposals. We can also act as your local representative or agent in the permit process if you live too far away to do it yourself.

Lot assessment/pre-purchase “perc”:
Are you thinking of buying a lot, but want to be sure that it will “perc” before you buy? Foothills Soil Consulting can look at the lot before you commit to purchasing it. Our investigation will include an assessment of the potential for a standard septic system, a discussion of alternative systems for the lot, and an approximation of likely costs.

Turndown lots: If your lot has been turned down for a septic system permit by the local health department, Foothills Soil Consulting can assist with finding a creative solution that allows you to build your house.

Water reuse and surface application of wastewater:
As water supplies become more limited, water reuse can be an option to allow you to use wastewater to safely water your yard and garden. In addition, for lots where a septic system permit cannot be obtained, water reuse and surface application of treated wastewater are options to consider that might allow construction on the lot.

Documentation of soils and a nutrient management plan are required to obtain a permit for water reuse or surface application of wastewater from the Division of Water Quality. Foothills Soil Consulting can assist with this part of the permit process and with locating sites for wastewater application.


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